Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Phantom of the Apartment

This morning I woke up to the strains of Shania Twain on my radio. There isn't anything strange about that. I have the radio tuned to a country station, and the alarm turns it on every morning, and I can catch the news and weather and maybe a song before it turns itself off again. This morning a second Shania song started after the first. It was nice and upbeat, so when the radio shut off as usual, I went to turn it back on.

That was when I found it wasn't the radio that was playing. It was a CD. And now I am completely mystified. The alarm will turn on a CD instead if that was the lsat thing used  - but I know it was the radio rather than the CD playing Saturday morning. I didn't use the radio other than that on Saturday. I don't even have a recent memory of using the CD player. The last thing I remember playing was the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, on cassette. And when I checked my suitcase of music under the bed, Phantom was under 4 CDs, the top one of which was the Shania one. I was in all day yesterday, apart from taking Julia for a walk in the yard. And there is no logical reason for someone to wait until I took her out, sneak in, find the CD, and set it to play, and not touch anything else I can see.

I tried fingerprinting the CD case, and I've got a fairly clear bit I can't positively identify as mine, but not sure if I'm right, or I just didn't get the right part of my control set properly printed.

In any case, it's a bit bizarre, and even if the girls at knitting think it was either an electrical glitch or the cat, I am being very sure to lock the doors at all times now.

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