Monday, 5 March 2012

Eggs Etcetera

Finished the dozen of eggs for Deb on time to give them to her when I was over there Friday for Fleece Spa. Granted, the last egg got finished and the photos taken there, but the point is they're done. And tiny and cute. The weaving yarn ended up giving me 11 sts instead of 8 sts to the inch, and now my original eggs look coarse in comparison!

It was good to have the second set, though - I found a handful of little things that needed changing, mostly in things like decrease placement. When I get those corrected, I can start hunting testers for these. I don't have a hope of releasing it for Easter, but I'd rather get it done properly. The Bargello tam is done and released, though - and two purchases already, so it's rather exciting.

The Challenge shawl has been ripped and restarted a third time, and I hope for the last time. The bands were not really looking as nice as I wanted. So now the pattern is in wedges, and I'm feeling a lot better about it. Now I need to find a name for the pattern, and eventually for the rectangular version also. I usually find the best way is to let it stew in my brain for a while, and eventually something that fits will suggest itself.

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