Saturday, 5 May 2012

Making Out like a Bandit

Despite the fact that I definitely do not need any more yarn, fiber or books in my apartment, the last few days have seen all of those follow me home. You know how it goes.

This time it started on Tuesday, when I had a surprise call from a friend who I thought was in Morocco. But no, she was detouring on her way back home to New Zealand, here to visit her grandmother, who had had a stroke. She was coming to Ottawa to see other friends and family while she was here, so we met up Thursday morning for coffee and a bit of shopping. She needed books for the plane back, so we hit a second-hand bookstore, and of course I found a few things.

Friday night at knitting was a destash night. Not that I destashed anything. However, I did come home with several skeins of yarn (including some black alpaca not in the pic because it's already on the needles), and a bag of white Icelandic batts

Last weekend at the Arts and Scraps sale, I met Pat, who had a big bag of Cormo roving which I ended up taking home. She said she had other spinning fiber at home, and if I wanted it, she could bring it to the Fabric Flea-market today. Yeah. So I went there. I got her fiber - Columbia and Cormo roving, a bag of brown alpaca, and some smaller quantities of mohair and angora. And a skein of alpaca lace yarn (the pale one in the destash yarn photo).

And I did a little damage at some other tables. I found 6 balls of vintage cream-colored Kroy sock yarn for 4$. That was good - I signed up to test a stranded sock pattern, and needed to get some yarn for that, so this saves me a trip to the yarn store. Dyed part of it with food coloring when I got home for my contrast color. Also bought 4 balls of something similar to Briggs and Little yarn. And I looked for stuff my mother might want for weaving rugs, and lucked out at one table - a large piece of white cotton, another of linen/cotton in a light green, some brown wool, and a bit of dark brown linen. The box of vintage pins with the fabric came from another table, where I also got 2 sets of dpns.

Yeah. There may be a stash-down going on, but my stash seems to be expanding in spite of that. Here's hoping the Tour de Fleece and Ravelympics are very productive this year.

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