Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Hunt Is On

I've gotten about half the brown llama carded, and pulled the drum carder out from beside the bookcase this afternoon to see if I could get the rest done today. But when I was ready to take the first batt off, I noticed something peculiar.

My doffer and my little brush weren't with the carder. There's no reason they should be anywhere but beside or on top of the carder and...they weren't there. They're not in the basket with the other tools like my carders. They're not in the bag of llama that's already been carded. Or in the bag of fleece beside it. Or under the drum carder. Or anywhere I can see on the floor.

Or, indeed, anywhere I've looked. Not the kitchen table, none of my baskets, none of the drawers of my apothecary, not a bag or a box in the bedroom or entry, not the miscellaneous box in the hall. I am thoroughly stumped and annoyed.

They have to be somewhere. I probably stood up to do something else, put them down somewhere, and never came back to the carding that day. But since that was several days ago, and I don't know what that particular interruption was, I have a feeling that I'm going to be spending a lot of time on the hunt this evening. Wish me luck.

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