Tuesday, 8 May 2012

In Bloom

A couple days of warm weather and rain, and everything is growing in leaps and bounds. I took advantage of the sun yesterday to edge and weed some beds, turn the compost heap, and prepare the beds to plant veggies. I planted the early stuff - peas and lettuce - today. And the whole time I was out it was idyllic. Warm, all the birds singing like mad, and the breeze wafting scent over from all the blossoming trees and shrubs. The crabapples trees across the road are in bloom, and apple blossom has to be one of my favorite scents.

The sand cherry is just covered with blossom.

The lilacs are opening.

Everything else is taking off too. I've had to pull flower heads out of the rhubarb already. The yarrow and Jacob's ladder (polemonium?) have buds. The lily-of-the-valley will be adding their scent to the air in a few days, and the irises have flower heads coming all of a sudden.

I started tomatoes and peppers and Japanese indigo inside today. Tomorrow I want to pick up a few more seeds for things I'm missing. Now the only problem is I'm running out of windowsill space!

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