Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Knitting Update

There has been knitting going on, and spinning, I promise. I just haven't been very good at posting. Apparently I'm not the only one, though. The thread on Ravelry for our destash KAL has been quieter this past week or so, as well.

I've finished spinning and plying the remainder of the Romney from the Rare Breeds fleece. Total of four plain white skeins, not interesting to look at, so I won't inflict pictures on anyone. The Leicester is now on the wheel, but it will go slowly, since I've really only been spinning while waiting for things like the computer to load up or the teakettle to boil.

I've been taking my Alpha socks out for Sunday knitting, so there is progress on those. Halfway up the leg of the first sock, anyway.

My mother and a friend are getting a booth for a local craft sale in July, and so I'm getting in on that also. Not sure what the market will be for yarn - I'll send a bit, but more finished things, I think. So in the pile for that, I've added two tams and a lace scarf, and started another scarf.

The red striped tam is my Bargello pattern (on Rav or my Etsy), but I wanted to try it in alpaca, to see if maybe it would be suitable for Johanne's alpaca yarn. She wants some patterns to go with it, and asked if I could make some. Of course it's a bit slouchier than with wool, since it's heavier, but I think it could work. This one was in all my random scraps, though, so I would like to try it in her yarn to be sure.

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