Saturday, 19 January 2013

Alea Jacta Est

That's Latin for 'The die is cast'. Tradition states it's what Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon river (which was the border into Italy - bringing his army into Italy was pretty much a declaration of war).

The phrase is, understandably, in my head. The die is cast, the Rubicon crossed - I went out and bought the new computer today. And I don't doubt I'll be fighting it for a few days. I got the basic set-up done at the store, but the Apple people didn't want to mess with the PC aspects. There's a whole set of steps I have to tackle now, which seem to be needed to get the thing into order so I can use the CADD software I need for school.

In fact, come to think of it, it's now a little less Caesar and a little more 'The house that Jack built' or 'For want of a nail...'. I need Dynascape CADD installed for school. To install Dynascape, I need Windows 7 installed, and I need to set up Bootcamp and partition my computer. I can download Windows from school - but I also need to download support software, and need to burn it all to a disk for installation. And guess who cleaned up a while back? I could find only 2 CD/DVD disks in the house, and the computer says it can't burn onto either. So I'm stalled out for lack of a disk, at the moment.

Monday I shall tackle the computer people at school, see if they have a disk of Windows, or buy a blank and try this again.

I think I can install some of my other stuff in the meantime - Adobe and Office. And I have plans for a felted computer case, but won't start it until I'm sure this is up and running what it should - the guy at the store said they have a good return policy, if this doesn't work out. Fingers crossed it does!

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