Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Next On The List

The blue stole is finished, blocked, and neatly boxed, waiting to be shipped off to its recipient. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I no sooner got the stole pinned onto the bedroom floor to block than I had a pair of fingerless mitts cast on. Another commission for school - my classmate's girlfriend liked her mitts so much she wanted a pair for her mother. No pics of those yet, but as of an hour or so ago, they're done, blocked, and drying on the radiator.

With no other commissions, gifts, or shows lined up in the near future, I get to knit for me for a little while. It's very exciting. I've started the first sleeve for a sweater that's been languishing for far too long, with high hopes of getting that done this season. And for travel and in-class knitting? Socks. For ME. Up to my knees. In good warm Briggs and Little. No fine yarn, nothing too fancy, not too many ends to weave in. Plain, wears-like-iron, this-is-January-in-Ottawa wool socks. Life is good.

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