Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fiber Update

It doesn't seem like there's been a lot of fibery stuff around here lately. Too much getting back into the school routine, starting the wheels turning for the co-op process (I really, really don't like writing resumes and cover letters!), and researching computer stuff. Turns out my computer isn't compatible with the design software we need for it's off shopping for me at some time in the next week. Money I didn't really want to spend, but what can you do? At least that should keep me in the loop, technology-wise, for a few years!

But there has been some fiber-related content around. I've been working on spinning the cria roving I got from Johanne back in October. First skein is done, about a light fingering weight, and very soft.

The second skein is being plied, and then there will be one more smaller skein of the beige to spin and ply before I start the chocolate-colored one. And there is an idea for a lace shawl in my head for at least some of that beige yarn.

I cast on knee socks for myself last week in Briggs and Little Regal which I had in stash. Good take-around knitting. One is done and the second is close to halfway - just in time, since it's supposed to start getting cold the next few days!

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