Saturday, 26 January 2013

Hard and Soft

New computer - Yay! - is up and running. Dynascape is up, and I know it works, because I did my first assignment on it. All the little essentials like MS Office and Photoshop are installed too - and I did it all by myself. Very proud. Really rather sad to reflect, though, that the IT people at school are pretty much useless. Had completely off-track diagnoses from them, but between my classmates and a bit of reading and common sense, I got along fine despite that misdirection.

Finished spinning the beige cria while I waited for various things to upload and install, and polished off a pair of gloves while watching online videos for class (testing the kit quantities for my Andean pattern). But really, the fiber-y side hasn't been very active lately, and there are so many things I want to do! I'm having a craving to knit sweaters, especially after seeing Cora and Pull Me Over recently on Ravelry. (No! Bad! Must finish WIP sweater first!) And I want a chullo rather than a tam for some of the cold days.

What I have been doing instead of playing with the soft stuff is exactly the opposite - starting the 'Lego for Grownups' construction in class. Rather fun, actually. Our group is working on a water feature for the first couple weeks. There's a semi-circular basin, pieced together with pavers.

A pump insert fits inside.

Then a back wall goes up, which will be support for a little waterfall. Some of the pavers have to be split to fit, or have the edges roughened.

The water will fall into the basin, where all the plastic of the insert will be covered with pebbles. I think the waterfall may light up, also, when we're done. Pretty cool.

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