Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Alpaca, Various

I'm putting the edging on the first shawl of the handspun cria I'm doing for Johanne. It is going to be very pretty, I think. With any luck, it'll be blocking tonight or tomorrow.

When I get that done, I have some more alpaca to play with for her, for the farm store. They sold a lot of their finished products over the fall and winter, and a restock on some of the smaller things is needed.  So Mom and I will do a bit of knitting - scarves for her, mittens for me. I'm happy - make a little money, and get turned loose with license to play with colours.

If that wasn't enough alpaca - I finally got to this month's Guild Meeting after missing a couple, and got to take home a prize for Viewer's Choice Award from the Spinning Challenge - a bag of 100g raw, cream-colored cria fibre. Alpaca is definitely the fibre of choice this week!

1 comment:

  1. I so wish I could touch alpaca! It looks so nice and soft and squishy. Instead I have to live vicariously... ;)