Tuesday, 19 February 2013


There's a bit of knitting on the go...

But I have been trying to be good, and doing homework - mostly projects that involve me sketching and calculating, and generally quantities of paper. This occasionally becomes a problem when Her Royal Highness decides that I've paid enough attention to the papers instead of her. Then she lies on my work and swats me if I try to shift her.

Today she's been good, so I've been taking advantage. For our design class, we had an assignment to do a step and walkway for the front of a house, and a deck and steps for the back of another. Nothing fancy specified. Mostly to make sure we know how to calculate appropriate height and depth of steps. Janice (the prof) handed us the base sheet and said it should only take a couple hours, if that.

We haven't discussed line widths, or use of colour in class yet, although we were asked to get drawing pens and coloured pencils. The last couple assignments have been pencil on paper or tracing paper, very basic - and boring. I got started, and then I had a little fun. Well, those pens and crayons were there, and I was itching to use them...

...and now the day's mostly gone, but I had lots of fun. Sorry, Janice. I may have gotten a little carried away.

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