Friday, 22 February 2013


The last couple days have been fiber-oriented and exciting. Finished mittens, cast on fingerless mitts. Worked on those today - spin-in afternoon at a friend's. She made a decadent dessert for us - chocolate cake with whipped cream and Oh Henry bar topping. Received KnitPicks March catalog with my Pysanky kit pictured in it, and papers from Storey Publishing - the pattern proofs and papers to sign for the two shawls of mine that will be in the newest 101 Skein Wonders book, coming in the fall. And I signed myself up to test-knit something for the end of March.

But dudes, I am looking at the next week or so, and it's going to be a doozy. Two more days before back to school, to finish homework and study a bit, and maybe have a crack at the Garden Club proposal I promised I would look at over the break. Then it goes like this:
Monday - Print and hand in draft business proposal and portfolio for English class.
Tuesday - Study, do Geology homework.
Wednesday - ID quiz AND midterm on tropical and indoor plants, then assignment due for design class (that's ready to go, at least).
Thursday - Hand in step/retaining wall project AND midterm in Construction class.
Friday - Evergreen ID quiz, and co-op job interview, back-to-back.

Then I get to hare off to the country for a couple days, recuperate, deliver some of these mitts and things I've been knitting for Johanne, (and discuss payment options and the possibility of writing up patterns for a few of the things we've made with her yarn) and collect the stuff I loaned her for the show (the one I was spinning at a couple weeks ago.)

So yeah, going to be fun. See you on the other side, probably. I daresay I'll survive, but it's the anticipation that gets you ;)

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  1. I can't wait for the new book to come out so I can pick it up :) I'm so proud to show your designs to friends all over the place! You continue to amaze me :)