Sunday, 17 February 2013


A little bit of everything to share today, if only to get caught up. This coming week is Reading Week - no school, just a number of assignments on the list, so I'm aiming to get a little more blogging and pattern-writing done than has been the norm lately.

Two pair of mitts done for Johanne's farm store, blocked, photographed, and bagged up.  A third, a pair of fairly basic gloves, should get done today, and I have to plan out what the pair after that will be.

I meant to get pictures of my Wednesday stint at the Green Trade Expo, but never had time. Basically a Horticulture trade show, and one of our profs offered us as volunteers to help out with things like registering people. So I was out at the CE/Ernst & Young Centre all day. I signed up for 2 shifts, figuring I could use the third shift time to see the show, but ended up working all three shifts, and getting 10 minutes of free time just as people were packing up. I did wander over to the booth where they had a plant ID guessing game, and discovered something new to me. A little shrub, species Kerria,  with rather astonishingly emerald-green stems. The man at the booth said it's not terribly hardy here, which explains why it's unfamiliar. Found it in a book here, with golden-colored double flowers. Very striking, isn't it?

In construction class, we're back to stone. Our group was to build a light pillar this week, and the teacher said to think outside the box. Umm, yeah, I guess you could say we did that - ended up with a spiral design. Now for our logbooks, we have to do sketches with measurements, like plans of the pillar.

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