Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday, Fun and Games

I've gotten myself into a whole new round of exciting things to do, and all rather different. An outdoor bake oven, a new job, and a new pattern to write up.

First up, the bake oven. Something along these lines.

A friend of mine is involved with a local community garden that just got a grant  to build an outdoor bake oven as part of a community improvement initiative. And I said, "Ooh, cool, can I help?" Because, you know, someday I might want to build one for me, and a little practice is a good thing. So yesterday there was a meeting with the group and the head of Masonry at Algonquin, who has built this type of oven, and after his presentation, they talked about options, and presenting the building plan - and when they were talking about wanting a more professional look to do the presenting for the plan to be approved, I was all excited and jumped in and offered my Dynascape CAD program to draw a pretty plan, and maybe translate the overhead view into 3-D. Two of the group members and I had a bit more of a chat to throw around ideas today, and I will get an aerial photo with the current planned improvements marked, and get to do a little designing. Glad I opted to get the extension on my Dynascape, otherwise it would have stopped working a month ago. And this is going to be fun.

This afternoon I also heard from Hansen, who I interviewed with a couple weeks ago, and accepted their job offer. So nice to have that settled, and to be able to stop job-hunting! Now I get some online training to do this week, and I should begin actual work in April - assuming the snow has melted enough to do any garden work at that point. The weather this week looks like there's hope, even though people were skating on the canal yesterday.

And finally, I just finished a pair of mittens which I'm really happy with (except the cuff, I might change the cuff), and the pattern is getting written up ASAP. They were made with a particular call for submissions in mind, but they make me smile so much that even if they don't make the cut, I want them out there for people to enjoy.

Tempted to knock on wood, it's a little worrying with so much going right and being exciting. Well, I will do that, and then relax this evening before I plunge into the whirlpool of things-to-do which looks like my life for the next little while!

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