Sunday, 2 March 2014

Long Winter, and Temperature Sweater Log

So it's March...and no end in sight for the white stuff. Does a cold, snowy day count as March coming in like a lamb or a lion? Or is it, as someone on Rav posted, coming in like a polar bear, and if so, what does that mean? I really hope it means it's going to go out like a parrot, or something similarly tropical.

Don't get me wrong - I'm glad I'm not in the Prairies, where they've got -30 and below in the forecast still. Or getting buried in snow, or flooded out. But it's March now, and I would like to see something in the forecast that's not a negative number. Beginning to wonder if those 'snowball Earth' theories might have a point!

Last year when a local group was doing a temperature scarf KCAL, I loved the idea, but no time to play. This year, though, I am keeping a tally. Got my Excel spread-sheet set up, and adding daily high, low, and average, and colour-coding them to get an idea of how the stripe pattern is coming out. See? That's January. I'll probably end up using the average temp (3rd column), but I like colour, so I'm keeping all three columns for now.

I think it may end up being a temperature sweater rather than a scarf, but I will have to plan out the pattern. I probably can't just stripe it top to bottom and get the whole year in, since even at a rather fine gauge (9 sts/") that works out to 40" long. Hmm, Temperature Tunic-dress? Temperature leggings? Well, time enough to think on that yet.

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  1. You could work in columns - maybe 4 months on the front, 4 on the back and 2 on each sleeve?