Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Snowflake Hat Challenge

Last time I dropped things at Johanne's and we discussed what she wanted next for the store, she had a hat in mind.

It was a blue and white hat, a stocking cap with snowflakes on it, that she had seen on a Tim Horton's commercial a while back.

Then she had seen something very similar on someone at the bank recently, and decided to ask me about making something similar, and she drew me a little sketch picture and gave me a couple skeins of alpaca lopi yarn, one indigo-dyed and one white.

I love getting to exercise the creative juices on something like this.

A search on google failed to turn up any indication of the Tim's hat, so that meant I was on my own. I hunted out an idea of how a stocking cap was shaped, swatched and calculated, decided on 6mm needles, found a nice snowflake design in an appropriate size, and settled in to work.

It felt like Goldilocks for a while. The first hat was too small, so it got ripped out. The second hat was too big, so it got ripped out. The third hat (thankfully) was just right. And it didn't run me into a second skein of the white yarn.

I think it's kind of cute, so I hope Johanne likes it.

It's been snowing most of the day. Wonder if there's any chance the weather's linked to the snowflakes on the hat? The next project has a southwestern feel in the pattern, so maybe that'll improve the conditions outside...  

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