Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sock Phase Begins

With the christening dress off the needles, the next project up is 3 pairs of socks. When my cousins saw the socks their mother got from my mother for her birthday, they loved them. So my aunt decided to commission a pair for each of her 3 girls, and gave me the size and colour info over the holidays.

First up is a pair for Wendy, who wanted grey for the main colour and 4" below the knee. She and one of the other girls are  solidly-built, with wide calves, which is why the sock leg looks like it does. The grey is blackberry cane with iron mordant, with indigo blue and greenweed yellow in the trim.

I'm a little farther now than the picture - working on the heel flap. It's been slower going than normal, but my excuse is that I've been on a cleaning jag. Comes on rarely, so I like to take advantage while I'm in the mood. About the only thing in the apartment I haven't cleaned (yet) in the last 3 days is the fridge inside and the kitchen cabinets, but the rest is done, dusted, and slightly better organized, so I'm happy (it's a load off my normally-lazy-about-housework conscience) and looking forward to more knitting time again.   

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