Friday, 16 January 2015

White and Lacy

Pegging along at the christening gown for Joan's grandbaby-to-be. It's this christening gown from Marie Connolly's 'The Expectant Knitter'. Getting very close to the end - I have one sleeve left to do, then the finishing.

The lace pattern for the skirt and trim is only a total of 3 patterned rows, 15 stitch repeat, so it was easy to memorize. I ended up making the skirt about 20" instead of the 29" the pattern gives you, but I think that was about the only modification, apart from adjusting the needle size to get gauge. The shortened skirt was because Joan sent 3 balls of light fingering, but the pattern called for 3 balls of lace weight with more yardage, and I was worried about running out of yarn partway through the bodice, when the first ball got me 12" of skirt. Now that I'm almost done, I think there would have been enough to make the skirt longer - but I'm not ripping back now! Only 6" or so of plain knitting to go (albeit on 2mm needles), and sleeve 2 will be done.

I will have to think about the blocking. The yarn is a nylon/acrylic mix, so maybe that's better steamed than wet-blocked, like plain acrylic? Must research.

And then? Tomorrow will be Saturday, and I will get to start something new and fun. Socks for my cousin, with colourwork bordering. Grey for the socks, from the blackberry canes I cut over the holidays, with a trim of daisies on a blue ground. I can't wait to see if they look as good in real life as they do in my head.

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