Monday, 12 January 2015

Tiny Treasures

Every January for the last few years, I spend part of a Sunday helping count inventory at Canada Beading Supply. Next door is The Glass Shoppe, which has supplies and things for lampwork, and the two share common space. This year, it just so happened that on inventory day, there was a class going on next door. The teacher hails from Quebec, not so far from my parents, his wife is an embroiderer and knitter, has played with natural dyes, and has an interest in mycology, definitely someone right up my alley.

And the little glass things the teacher brought were adorable. Gorgeous. If you haven't clicked on it yet from the class link, look at his pictures on Picasa. I'm afraid most of my day's salary went straight next door, and after hemming and hawing for a while (well, really, he had like half a dozen trays of pretty things to look at), I picked out two pendants and a button.

I'm thinking I will have to incorporate the button into a piece of knitting somehow. The pendants may stay with me or may become gifts, we'll see. For now I'm just happy to look at them, little flower-filled gems.

Oh, yeah, and on the knitting front. I did finally get my sweater done, a few days after the New Year. The steek didn't get trimmed yet; I'm not sure if it needs it, really. Shoulder fit really benefitted from blocking - it's still a little loose there, but overall I like it, and very glad it's finally done.

At some point I have to decide on the fate of the remaining yarn - I overbought by a large amount, it seems, being deathly afraid of running out of any colour, when I wasn't sure anyone in Ottawa even carried the yarn.

After that project , everything seems quicker and easier - I've since banged out a laceweight infinity scarf, and a lopi scarf and mittens, for commissions, and currently tackling a christening gown for a baby due in April, at the grandmother-to-be's request. Details on that one to come.

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