Monday, 27 February 2012

Weekend Roundup

Well, winter was just waiting in the wings for another chance. Snow Friday, snow Saturday, snow today, and everything is calf-deep in white again.

I was out at the parents' this weekend, and spent part of the time finishing the last pysanky graphs. In what proved to be excellent timing for testing purposes, DebT had picked up an egg carton of sample balls of 2/8 wool for weaving when she was at Romni in Toronto, and presented it to me Friday with a request for some knit pysanky. So that will be a project this week, along with a bit of the challenge shawl, which has about 8" done now.

Sunday afternoon we popped over to visit Joanne and give her her cria shawls. She was what you might call very happy with them - first time anyone's ever cried over my knitting, to my knowledge. But they are from her alpacas, who she loves, so I suppose that might have something to do with it.

Returned home to find my aunt had dropped by on the way from visiting elsewhere. She stayed for supper, and commissioned a baby set from me. I had been eyeing a set in the Icelandic Knitting book I had from the library, and sorry I had no excuse to make it - but my aunt thought it was very cute also, so I get to make it, and it will add another project to my 12in2012 destash, and a new technique (intarsia) for me.

The chickens are recovering, although only a couple are currently laying. No-one has reported the dogs roaming about again, but neither have they been disposed of. Mom, disliking the uncertainty of if/when they might show up again, is planning to call on the owners, report the incident, and feel them out on the subject herself, and try to get our neighbor to talk to them also, so at least they might have an idea of what to expect from that quarter, and try to get it resolved by the time spring comes.

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