Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Considering Details and DIP Day

I can't believe how fast the weekend is coming up. I haven't started packing yet for Twist, but I'm getting details taken care of. I've got my float money - the stock of change you start with. Today I pick up the sign I had printed with my booth name. Since there are several other shows I will want a sign at this year, I figured it was worth the 15$ to get it done nicely.

I hadn't really thought about knitting to bring until yesterday. I know the spinning wheel won't fit. So I need a project or two, easy enough that I can pay attention to both it and the booth - no complicated graphs. The mittens I started might be an option - they're coming along nicely.

And I could also bring the yarn for the cushion cover I had in mind.

Then someone pointed out the other day that it's about time to start thinking of Christmas knitting (sad, but true). Plus three babies to knit gifts for coming up. So I could bring something of that sort, if I get organized and do a little stash-diving.

Plan for today is to tackle and hopefully finish the two patterns-in-progress, get the one submitted and the other posted this week. Tomorrow I start packing and labelling, Thursday is baking for the trip, and Friday afternoon we're on our way...

One of my friends found a post on someone's blog, announcing that Sept 2 is DIP day - dye-in-public day. Well, and why not? We already have WWKIP for knitting, and a SIP day for spinning (which I think is in September sometime). The only thing is, it's a bit harder to set up for dyeing in public than spinning or knitting. Whether we actually end up organizing something here or not, if my yarn arrives, I plan to be playing along.

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