Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fall Planning

Now that fair number 1 is over, the next big thing is Twist Fiber Festival. Just over a week until D-Day, and the girls I'm going with are coming over today for lunch and a dry run - we're going to see how much stuff we can fit in the back of the car, since two of the three of us are vendors. The hope, of course, is that there will be much more space on the return trip!

In the same hope, I ordered another lot of blank yarn yesterday. Because two weeks after Twist (and just after I start back to school) is the Wool Gathering at Roxham Corners, near Lacolle, Quebec. I can't give you a link for the Wool Gathering, since I can't find a website for it, but if you google "Roxham Wool Gathering", there are links to artisan sites and contact info. For anyone inclined to a road trip, it's 332 Roxham Road, open 10-4 Sat and Sun (Sept 8-9 this year). Parking wherever you can find space along the road. Local artisans ranging from baskets to jams to photography - and this year, our group also. Chantal and Jo with alpaca stuff from Jo's farm, my dyed yarns and things, and my mother's rugs.

I haven't showed off her rugs yet, have I? She's got an incredible sense of color and balance, which explains why her flower gardens look like a magazine, her arrangements win firsts at the fair, and the house is a feast for the eye.

And, yes, that's part of her upstairs landing/hallway in the last picture, and it really looks like that.

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