Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lambs and Llama

The baby sweater is done! Or at least as done as it can be for now. I went looking for buttons while it was blocking, and found (aargh!) that I don't have enough of any one type of button in stash that would work. So they get postponed until I can check my mother's button boxes as well. But I think I like the way blue buttons would look:

It seemed like it took the sweater forever to dry, presumably because I was waiting until after it was blocked to embroider the sheep's faces. So I started on my second Ravellenics project while I was waiting.

More handspun from the Tour de Fleece. Fiber from Bertha's llama, and it's going to turn into the Arcadia shawl - or at least a modified version. I know there's not enough spun to knit the shawl as written, but the original is quite long, so I'm making a shorter version. At the rate it's going, I should be on the edging by tonight...

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