Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Back to School Shopping

Got my supply list for school yesterday. School shopping is going to be...interesting. First time I've had a shopping list that included a hard hat and steel-toed boots rather than a lab coat and notebooks. Happily, it looks like only three textbooks are listed, and most of the equipment will be a one-time purchase. Now to go see where in Ottawa one finds some of these things...

Along with the list came the Code of Conduct, which says classes are mandatory. I'll have to talk with the teachers to see if they'll mind me missing one or two days - 'cause I really want to go to Rhinebeck this year! (After all, I missed last year, and this year's been booked since before I decided to go back to school.) And there's a dentist appointment scheduled for a Monday, which I might try to move to Christmas vacation, and the OVWSG Ex and Sale, which I have to set up for on a Friday afternoon...

Up late last night mordanting the new batch of yarn and fiber, so I can start dyeing it tonight. (It's evening work because that's when power's cheaper.) My bathtub has a rack of damp skeins and smells of wet wool and a touch of iron - perfume to my nose. I could take the rack outside to dry things, but I don't know how larcenous the squirrels here are... I've just signed myself up for the OKG Vendors' Night October 15th, so some of this week's work will probably be going there. (Come out and support a poor student! Preview pictures coming later this week!)

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