Friday, 24 August 2012

Zero Hour

Well, this is it, practically. In an hour or so I will be off to Twist. There is a heap of bags in my entry, containing tagged yarns and rovings, all the little essentials like clothes and a toothbrush, and my contribution to our food supply - bread and cranberry muffins I baked last night, and some essentials like tea and sugar - catch me spending 2 days anywhere without a decent supply of tea! And I remembered my camera and fresh batteries, so this may actually be a show I have pictures of.

I've decided not to take the laptop, despite the fact the Auberge does have free Wifi. E-mail has been checked, and there shouldn't be anything urgent (knock wood!) coming up in the next couple days. However, I have packed up a book to read (Dickens' 'Our Mutual Friend') and no less than 4 knitting projects. I know it sounds like a lot but a) they're mostly small things and b) two are already half done. One of which is a pair of my Natalie fingerless mitts, which I started yesterday, on realizing I had kits and patterns to bring, but my knit sample had been sold last month. Normally it's a 2-color pattern, but this is what happens when I've been perusing my Latvian Mitten book.

Mom called to let me know she and her friends would be up Saturday morning, and did I want her to bring anything up? So some garden veg and fresh eggs will be arriving with them... And my cat-sitter will be there Sunday morning, so I can reassure myself as to how the cat is taking my defection.
So all right, here goes. Check mail. Walk cat. And off to the races.

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