Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Back to Work

Lovely weekend out in the country, but busy. I think we were on the go almost constantly, between berry-picking, and prep and performance of the washing/dyeing/carding/spinning session chez Johanne, and getting the incidental things done, like eating and laundry and sleeping. And getting a last bit of spinning in for the Tour de Fleece. So I did manage to spin every day, but I'm still not done the challenge fiber, so no new pics of that - I'll wait until it's plied up to show it off.
Left Monday morning, stopped to pick up fleece at a friend of Deb's and to have lunch, and got back to the city with an hour or two for me to start unpacking, pack food, and go to work. I only have one picture of the weekend, and that's Julia expressing her displeasure in the schedule and itinerary on Monday. Don't worry, she didn't spend the whole trip like that.

All the car travel, though, I did manage to finish the baby hat I was working on.

And I wound some of the yarn for Jen's sweater, cast on en route to work, so that's now officially on the needles.

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