Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tour de Fleece Part 2

Still keeping up in terms of spinning every day, but I’m certainly not turning out the quantity of spinning that some people are. However, the roving for the guild challenge is over half spun. I divided my 150g in two at the start, just for an idea of what quantity I had and for plying it later. 75g looks like surprisingly little, though – it doesn’t fill a bobbin.

Now I’m going to worry about the yardage, and whether there’ll be enough to do what I want. Very fuzzy pictures today, sorry, don’t know what the cause is, maybe ‘cause I’m tired. But this, if you can see it, is the picture of the shawl I want to copy.

I’ve got a bit more time after lunch today, so I’ll get in more spinning. I really would like to see how this will look plied, and get my yardage totaled, so I can start planning the shawl!  

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