Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Productive Day

Saturday was my day of rest - I lounged around and read and didn't do much except spin. But I feel like today I made up for that. I only got up at 9, but by the time lunch rolled around, I had sorted the recycling, taken the cat out to walk, watered the tomatoes, spun several lengths of roving, changed the flowers in my vase, and gotten the first pans of a batch of bread in the oven.

Julia sulked for a while, though, because I told her I had other things to do than take her out again.

Having done my chores, I could go out to knit with a clear conscience. And I managed to acquire a few magazines one of the others was destashing.

Now there's a bit of a nasty black cloud rolling in, so tea and blogging are getting done while I've still got power, just in case. Hopefully we will get a good dose of rain, to clear the air and revive my poor plants.

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