Friday, 8 July 2011

Tour de Fleece Part 1

The Tour de France is almost a week old, and I’ve been managing to keep up with the spinning along with it. Not a lot each day, true, but some at least.
The first few days, I finished the bobbin of blue I had started, and did another one, spun and plied. So two more skeins of that, making a total of 14 blue skeins – and the bag isn’t done.

I decided I needed a change again. Even multicolored peacock blue can get boring.
And the fiber for the Guild challenge was sitting there. So guess what’s on the bobbin now?

Can you see the sheen on it?

It’s a really well prepared roving, easy to spin from. I’m spinning it fine and tight, I guess it’s probably semi-worsted.

You know how people talk about letting the yarn or fiber tell you what it wants to be? I think that’s exactly what happened here. As soon as I sampled spinning it, my previous idea for a ‘Crimson and Clover’ shawl went out the window. I’m not even sure I want to dye it. And if the plied yarn ends up the way I think it will…there’s a shawl on the cover of one of my Piecework magazines that would show it off perfectly. It’s a shawl the article’s author bought in Russia. The pattern (and even the stitch pattern) don’t seem to be out there on Rav, based on a quick search. So I may end up doing some reverse engineering (sure, make it difficult, eh?) Well, it is supposed to be a challenge!

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