Friday, 1 July 2011

What’s Next

Started at the new job this week. We have training for the first week or two, so it was back to class for me. Two whole binders' worth of reading for homework, talks on expectations, confidentiality, and harassment, forms galore, new people, new building…The job posting didn’t sound like call center, but it appears that’s what it is. Not my favorite pastime, but it will definitely expand the resume, and at least the people I talk to will be farmers. And most of the people in my group have some farm/rural background or interest, which is great - it's nice to have people who speak my language! Plus I'm listed as bilingual, and on night shift, and both of those give extra pay. That will justify getting internet chez moi - a necessity since I discovered that I can't upload on the library computers, and the nearest one to work is a 10 minute walk and busy enough in the afternoon to mean I waited 30 minutes for a 15 minute slot.

I was hoping that there would be something else new to report this week. I was out at the parents’last weekend, and one of the hens, Amy, is sitting on some eggs - our first broody hen. She’s been sitting for at least a couple weeks already, and they could hatch any time. We’re hoping the eggs are fertile and the rooster’s not shooting blanks. If effort counts, he shouldn’t be! Amy’s so funny, takes it so seriously. She sits on her nest very flat, trying to cover as much area as possible. If you talk to her she makes funny noises, and she won’t look at any treats you give her (although they do seem to get eaten later). And every day she gets up for a little while to stretch her legs, and goes and stands on the fence and talks to the other hens, giving them the daily report I guess. I think she’d be such a cute mother hen.

Anyway, things overall are going well (it's just the transition that's a bit wobbly), and it's Canada Day. I slipped over to the lab to do my internet stuff, but will not be pausing downtown on the way back, even though I now have a bus pass. Much as I'd like to see the Royal visitors and the concerts and the Snowbirds and all, it's a hot day and crowded on the Hill, and I really ought to plant a few neglected things and otherwise catch up on everything at home I haven't been doing this week. And warm up for the Tour de Fleece starting tomorrow!

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