Saturday, 1 September 2012

Start The Weekend Right

Ah, Saturday morning. Bright and sunny. I confess to a little bit of a sleep-in (to, say, 7 or 7:30 instead of 6:30) but I think I've made up for it.
Laundry: check. First load is done, second load is in the dryer.
Baking: in progress. There is a lovely lump of bread dough rising in the windowsill, two loaves worth, with a mix of white flour and stone-ground whole wheat from my aunt and uncle's . Debating whether to make filled buns out of part of it for school lunches next week.

Dyeing: in progress. My cochineal bath is just about ready, beautiful rich crimson. I'm not starting dyeing until I get the laundry out of the way, though.

And there are skeins of yarn everywhere - on the drying rack, over the bathtub, and soaking in the sink waiting for a turn in the dyepot.

My pile of school supplies is building up - I think I have everything I need now...only a couple days to go! It so looks like I'm going into construction, doesn't it?

Went for my last Friday spin-in-the-park yesterday. Only Julie and I, and neither brought spinning (it was rather wet weather, and I had errands before and after). I cast on for 2 knitting projects, though. More details tomorrow, when hopefully they look like something!

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