Monday, 9 January 2012

Beads and Lace

If you had told me a couple of years ago that my 'mindless' project for hauling around would be a lace shawl, I would probably have thought you were crazy. But, that is currently the case. I'm a skein into the first of the shawls for Joanne out of her cria. It took several tries to find a pattern I thought would work with the yarn, but this one I think will be nice, with a large feather border to finish.

It will come with me to Guild meeting tonight, and it did just fine at yesterday's knit out. Yesterday was a lot of fun. Not only was there knitting, and a big group of us (three tables' worth), but I spent the first half of the day helping with inventory at a friend's store. How is that fun? Well, not only is she a lovely person who fed us (homemade stuff, to boot) AND paid us for our help, but the store happens to be Canada Beading Supply , and counting inventory means that I get to fondle walls full of pretty beads - crystals and carnelian and onyx, and all sorts of things in a rainbow of colors. I love going there, even if I don't buy much - I get very little use out of the jewellery I do have without making more, but still, I like an excuse to drool over the colors there on occasion.  

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