Thursday, 5 January 2012

KAL Item 1? Check.

Look at that. The KAL is only a few days old and item the first is done. And blocked.

Not that I think the rest of the projects will be that fast. And spending a day or two of solid quality time with the scarf in hand helped. It was just the right degree of mindless knitting while I had a marathon watching of the BBC miniseries version of 'Pride And Prejudice' (got the DVD for Christmas). The one where Colin Firth, as Mr. Darcy, spends a good deal of time cultivating a brooding look.

Next up: my socks in progress, and maybe one of the lace shawls. But I have promised part of my time today to my drum carder, now that it is working again. It was slipping and screeching, even with the new belt, and a bit of oil. Took my brother 2 minutes to fix it - I hadn't realized the cross-piece that was slipping was supposed to be in the groove rather than floating above it. He lined it up and whacked it a few times, and voila, it settled in. So apparently sometimes for fixing things it is a case of knowing what to hit and how hard.

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