Saturday, 21 January 2012

Playing Catch-up

Hmm, no posts since Tuesday. What's my excuse? None really, for Wednesday. But Thursday was baking and groceries and library run coupled with knitting at Knit-Knackers, where I also purchased some roving to dye up.

The baking (chocolate-bottom cupcakes) was aimed at yesterday's session of Fleece Spa. Filled a bobbin with the peacock batt there, added a few inches to the second cria shawl, and watched Shaun the Sheep videos on Youtube. Came home, had a bite to eat, and swung off to the Friday knitting group, to add another few inches to the shawl, enjoy hot cider, and meet Kit and Phae's baby who, having a knitting mother and mother's friends, was naturally well wrapped in knitted stuff.

Today is more about catching up with the stuff that's not quite so glamorous. However, I think I've got a good start on it. Here we are not even noon, and I've got a batch of laundry done and folded, a loaf of bread in the oven, e-mail caught up, and yesterday's spinning plied and skeined. There will be homemade soup with the fresh bread for lunch, and then to deal with washing of dishes and of wool socks. And maybe a bit of time after that for a movie and a chance to finish v2.0 of the bargello tam. The first one blocked out rather larger than expected, so hopefully this version will be less Rasta. Then I'll have to decide whether to frog the first one or try to felt it down a little. Ah, fun.

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