Friday, 13 January 2012

Proof of Principle

It has been precipitating all night and all day - freezing rain, ice pellets, and snow. Definitely a few inches on the ground. And it's Friday the 13th. Therefore, today I am hibernating. It's pretty out, but even the cat doesn't want to go for a walk.

Instead, I baked, and had homemade turkey soup and fresh buns for lunch.

While I was waiting for the bread to rise, I pulled out my sock yarn scraps. I had an idea a while ago that a knit version of pysanky would be interesting. I realize that the same level of detail as the real ones would be utterly impractical unless you wanted to use sewing thread to knit with, but it would make a fun change from pastel Easter eggs. So a little bit of yarn and embroidery and stuffing later, I had this:

Rather like a proof of principle experiment in science - not a thorough testing of the subject, but enough to see that the idea is not completely out in left field. Definitely fun, and when my KnitPicks order comes, there will be much more fun and better colors...  

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