Monday, 23 January 2012

Music to Spin By

I do like music. And I have a good memory for lyrics and tunes, even if the average person doesn't necessarily want to hear me singing them. The only problem with that is if I see or hear something that reminds me of a song, that song will get stuck in my head. Yesterday I had "Age of Aquarius", simply because there was a blog post from Mason-Dixon Knitting titled "When the Moon is in the Seventh Cowl".

Rhythms are the other thing that will bring songs to mind. Walking will do it. Or treadling a spinning wheel. My antique wheel tends to ends up in a rhythm which, appropriately enough, fits the traditional "Spinning Wheel Song" (Merrily, cheerily, noiselessly whirring...)

Because the Hitchhiker has a smaller wheel, though, I need to treadle it faster to spin at the same rate. And the rhythm there tends to produce a few odd songs in my head. Today's session of spinning got me half a bobbin's worth of something from Gilbert and Sullivan's "Gondoliers" - the bit where the Cavalieri brothers, gondoliers-turned-Republican-kings, are describing their daily routine - "...but the privilege and pleasure that we treasure beyond measure/ is to run on little errands for the ministers of state!"

I think I'll have to go watch the video now. Because the only thing worse than having an earworm is having one with half the words missing.

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