Saturday, 7 January 2012

Friday's Yarning

Yesterday proved to be a very satisfying sort of yarn-centric day. I got my submissions in the mail for the 101 Lace One-skein Wonders book, and sent a few belated yarn and knitting related Christmas gifts also.

On the way out the door to knit night, I found my new Piecework magazine in the mailbox, and took it along.

Spent an enjoyable few hours absorbing coffee and chatter with the knitters. And discovering the surprising fact that it seems we have been hanging out there long enough to have groupies. Part way through the evening, two (rather good-looking) guys on their way out stopped to chat, ask what we were all working on that night, etc. And after they left, one of the other knitters said people notice if we're not there for a few weeks (in the 'where were you' versus the 'oh good, they're gone' sense, even). Huh.

I got so close to the end of my socks during the evening, that I stayed up and finished them when I got home. Second project of the KAL, done - after being on the needles for the better part of a year. They will wait until after summer to get worn, though - I want to keep them nice to show off at the fair.  Pattern is Pamina by Caoua Coffee, yarn Berocco Ultra Alpaca. I love the look of the twisted-stitch patterning (just it's so slow!), and the yarn feels very nice on the feet.

So that's some yarn out of stash. Only - someone was destashing last night, so I came home with 2 balls of Paton's Classic and 4 balls of Tilli Tomas raw silk (Thanks, Sarah!) Um, yeah, this is why my stash keeps growing faster than I can knit it up. Can't say no to free, good-quality yarn (or fiber).

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