Saturday, 28 July 2012

And They're Off

Yesterday afternoon was the Olympic opening ceremonies, and the official cast-on for those of us playing along with the Ravellenic Games. I didn't watch anything (the TV is old and I didn't bother with getting a box at the digital switch-over last year, so it's there for movies only), but I get to hear about the highlights on the 'net. Daniel Bond, the Queen, and Mr. Bean, eh? Very Brit.
I cast on for the baby sweater for my first project. I'm partway done the yoke now, and it's going to be so flippin' cute!

Not to mention soft and squooshy. I think it'll knit up fast, once I get past the yoke and I'm not pausing every row to look at it...

Weight-lifting and rowing are not usually sports I keep track of at the Games, but I will be trying this year, since there is someone from my hometown area in each of those. It would be pretty cool if one (or both) brought a medal back to our little corner of the country.

I'm going Brit a little with the movies to watch while knitting, it seems, even if I'm not watching the Games. Last night was Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Ruddigore', and today I'm planning to indulge a desire to rewatch the BBC version of 'Pride and Prejudice'. Somehow, I don't get tired of it, even if this will be the third time in 6 months.

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