Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tie Score

So yesterday I said that my scarf didn't make in the competition I had entered it in. Win some, lose some, I guess. Because today I got a notification that the 2 shawl patterns I sent for the 101 Lace Wonders competition have BOTH been selected! How's that for cool? Looks like it'll be several months yet before the paperwork comes through, and probably a while after that before the book is out, but still! I'm going to be a little bit excited now...might even treat myself to some junk food ;)

In real life, I've got the second half of the gold yarn for the challenge started. With any luck I should be plying tonight, if the making of jam doesn't take up too much time. I've got enough berries, between the raspberries and red currants, to do a batch. And maybe tomorrow I'll be able to show off the finished top for a cushion cover I'm knitting.

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