Sunday, 8 July 2012

We Now Return You

... to your regularly scheduled programming. Or, in other words, I'm done my 'vacation' and back in the city as of Friday night. Mom had a wonderful time in Nfld., and brought me back some roving - and a couple rocks, and a snippet of a plant, and an antique basket for herself, which is a completely typical assortment.

And oh, how sad it was Saturday morning to go outside and realize that apparently all the rain I saw last week never came near Ottawa. The garden here is dry. The seeds I planted two weeks ago never sprouted, the peas are hopeless, and the rest of the veg and plants look stressed. My first act was to do some watering. No-one else bothers to pick the raspberries here, and the canes were purple with overripe berries - I salvaged what I could, but so many wasted!

The forecast seems to be warm and no rain for several days yet, so I've decided on a gardening run each morning, while it's still cool, then work indoors for the rest of the day. Catch up on Tour de Fleece, and things for the sale in two weeks.

I'm feeling a little behind on the Tour spinning, but yesterday I sat down and finished the spinning and plying of the llama from Bertha that I had earmarked as a thank-you to her. Out of 100g of batts, I managed a bit over 340 yds. Not quite enough for the shawl I had in mind (which needs 460 yds), but I will find or adapt something.

Today I was hoping to tackle the stuff for the colorwork challenge in the Friday fleece spa group. Trouble is, I have no clear idea in mind yet, so I will knit a while and let it simmer - or spin something else for today.

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