Thursday, 26 July 2012


My testers for my Trickle scarf are almost done, so I'm figuring I can get that pattern out this weekend. Now I've got something else to show off, which I want to start testing on. My Chroi Tam. Chroi (the i is supposed to have an accent on it) is Gaelic for heart, which is what the cables suggested.

I hadn't shown it off here, or on Rav, because I submitted it to Knitty, and pictures online elsewhere are not allowed. I found out the other day that it didn't get accepted (although Amy did say that she liked my style and would like to see more of it, so that's kinda cool, and I already have a pair of mitts planned to submit for the winter edition). But thinking about photos and posing and atmosphere was really good practice also, for future pictures. In this case, how to make photos look fall-like when it's 28 degrees out. My aunt and cousin were very obliging models - I took the pics when I got fleece from them in May.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Olympics, and my first project for the games will be with their wool. Gonna be fun!


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