Saturday, 14 July 2012

Early Bird

For whatever odd reason, I was awake this morning before 6. Not the groggy, lemme sleep a bit longer sort of awake, but eyes open, willing to get out of bed and get going. And since in the heatwave the mornings are by far the nicest time to be up and doing, I accordingly got up.

And hell, it makes for a productive start to the day. Here it is not 9:30 yet, and I'm up and breakfasted, the cat has had her walk, and I've had time to harvest some beets, clean them, and make a batch of beet pickles, do a little spinning, and get most of my online stuff done. I'll be able to do my groceries before it gets really hot, and plenty of time for other errands, then back in to spin during the worst of the heat.

And am I having fun with the colorful spinning. I finished spinning and plying the first harlequin skein yesterday. It came out a fingering to sport-weight, about 228 yards in 70 g.

Now I'm several stripes into the second skein, and can see a definite probability of a third one...might try doing more coordinating ones instead of completely random. Or chunkier ones. And I think I need to dye more many possibilities. How do the people at Noro ever control themselves?

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