Thursday, 12 July 2012

Color Work

Well I got the first skein for the colorwork challenge spun and plied as of this morning. Close to 95 yards of 2-ply.

And I blocked that cushion top I mentioned last night.

The yarns in there are handspun, natural-dyed (except the black. I think it's sheep's black. The roving came like that.)

But rather than settling down to start the back of the cushion, or the second skein for the challenge, I decided I wanted MORE color. And I need something like Noro yarn for a couple upcoming ideas for projects - long repeats, multicolored.
So... I rooted out my bag of random batts from dye experiments last summer, finding a total of 14 colors ranging from brown to sky blue to mauve to peach. I weighed out 5g of each color for each skein. Divided each 5g bit in half, for each ply of a 2-ply skein. And set up a random order of the colors for each skein. And I sat and spun one whole ply for the first skein.

I wish I could show it off today, but my camera batteries decided charging was required. But tomorrow is spin-in-the-park day, and I prophesy there will be pretty pictures forthcoming.

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