Sunday, 2 September 2012

Colors and Projects

Kid stuff goes fast. I re-started the baby hat yesterday afternoon (after deciding it was too big, ripping out, and casting on again with less stitches), and I'm already on the decreases on top:

I'm having super fun with the stripes, and I think I will make mittens to match. (There's a toque and mitt set category at the fair next week.) Yay for random stripes - fun and addictive. If you want to go play, it's at

When those are done, I expect I'll go back to the entrelac cushion cover, which still only has one corner done.

I did the cochineal dyeing and the walnut dyeing yesterday, so that leaves indigo to finish today and tomorrow if needed. I've got the first batch of indigo skeins dipping right now. Yesterday's cochineal took all day, almost. Always one of my favorites, and certainly not just mine, seeing as those skeins tend to disappear fastest when I have them for sale. Yes, it's expensive (over 10$ per ounce), but it's so strong you can just keep dipping lighter shades for 4-5 rounds, and doesn't take much for a bath. And you can get such a range of color out, between pH shifts and overdyeing! This is the finished skeins from yesterday (blurry but pretty), plus there's a whole shower rod of unfinished stuff (things that still need indigo today).

And speaking of indigo, time to go air the first of those. Ah, the excitement!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing it all in your etsy shop!