Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Interlock Day 1, BSJ 2

The walkway project for our hardscaping course began this week. This is what was there Tuesday morning.

Bricks missing in a couple places, some wavy spots, places where things don't fit so well...time to rip it up. The first of the three class sections started that Tuesday afternoon, and when we got to it today, it was like this.

The instructor is good about making us think, right from the start. Which is to say, he told us the different steps needed (take up bricks, clean them, and stack them appropriately), showed us where the tools were, and what we needed for safety barricades, and then basically just supervised while we organized ourselves and got to work. And it went very well. We took up at least as much as the first group had, and had fun as well. Cleaning required most of the people, and it's not exactly a mental challenge to scrape and brush mud off bricks, so we were all just standing and kneeling around piles of bricks, working away, chatting and laughing. Covered everything from the Theory of Relativity to country music. Dang, I like this group!

Cast off the Baby Surprise Jacket I was working on last night, and got the sewing up and blocking done this afternoon. There are a couple possibilities for buttons in my stash, but I'm not committing until I check Mom's button stash as well.

That is it for the baby stuff commissioned, yay! Which is excellent timing, since the pattern arrived today for a pair of socks I'm test-knitting. Not sure of the yarn I want yet, though, and need to print a hard copy, so I may do a quick pair of fingerless mitts before the socks. I need something mindless for class, and although the lace scarf I'm making is OK for that, there was an episode involving dropped stitches today (fixed now, I think) which makes me a little less eager to do that one in class.

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