Monday, 17 September 2012

Horse-heads and Limericks

I took the chance when I was at the parents' last weekend to go through a stack of magazines with cross-stitch patterns, in search of an appropriate horse-head pattern to fill my aunt's request for baby sweater decoration. This one to be for a niece out West who is due about the same time as the recipient of the sheep sweater.

Would you believe, with all the little girls who love horses, that I could find nothing of an appropriate size on Rav? Or on Google? Hence the cross-stitch mags. I did find several which seemed adaptable, and it seems to be working out so far (although I think I will embroider an eye on each horse).

And after I finish that...the Western aunt, whose grand-baby gets the horse sweater, passed on the message through my mother that she would like to commission a sweater for her grand-baby (obviously the two aunts were not communicating). Well, two sweaters for an Alberta baby is certainly not overkill. I think that sews up my time nicely for the next week or two!

First proper English class today (since due to crossed wires we had nothing last week). Prof seems to be excessively fond of team-building exercises, which I consider to be about the same level as baby-shower games, although these have more purpose behind them. First assignment, due next week: group presentations, teach the class something in 10 minutes. And write the prof a business-style e-mail about it by Friday. And get acquainted with the on-line program we'll be using. Our group is doing limericks, and I get to spend a little time tonight organizing a powerpoint template, and hunting out a few samples in my collection, which ought to be fun.

Tomorrow, though, may not be so fun. Rain predicted, possibly heavy, and guess who has 4 or 5 hours of outdoor lab scheduled? Yup. I predict that dry clothes and hot beverages will be in high demand in our class by 5 pm.

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