Thursday, 13 September 2012

New Uniforms & New Knitting

One of the things with the Hort program that I wasn't that crazy about was that we were told for lab days we would have to wear official shirts. It's supposed to be sort of a professionalism thing / visual indication of who belongs, like wearing the company uniform. The shirts arrived at the store this week, and I picked mine up, one each of the t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, and hoodie (it was suggested we get more, but frankly, I'm cheap, and I don't care if it's got a bit of dirt on it. Labs are three consecutive days each week. I can skip washing things that long.)

I have no quarrel with the dark green for the long-sleeved stuff, but for some reason I thought we were getting more of a, er,  normal green for the t-shirts. They're little short of fluorescent - but it certainly does make it easy to see who belongs to our group. And if only they had made the lettering in something reflective, we might have been able to dispense with getting separate safety vests!

Anyway, to look at something with, I hope, slightly better taste in color - last night I finished the mitts I had been knitting in class, and blocked them.  It's a Latvian pattern, from Upitis' book, naturally.

Tomorrow we have no class - it was supposed to be Safety all day, but the prof is at the Plowing Match. I, therefore, am going to go spin in the park and socialize!

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