Wednesday, 12 September 2012

School in Earnest

Second week of classes, so we're starting to get down and actually do things - and get homework. In small groups, we've been assigned parts of the flowerbeds on the grounds that are our job to maintain - weeding, edging, pruning, etc., with 6 hours of lab time a week devoted to that. We've got lists of plant names we will have to study, an online quiz that will come up every week, some annuals to start learning the characteristics of (growing conditions, size, cultivars...), and a log book to start for the hardscaping course. Next week we start doing some hands-on surveying, as the start of our walkway revamping project, and get assigned a vegetable in the garden. We'll each be responsible for researching our vegetable - pests, diseases, growing conditions, preparation and cooking, etc - and harvesting it over the remainder of the growing season. And we will be involved in redesigning the layout of the veg/nursery garden for next year, and the re-fencing of it. The rabbits and other wildlife are getting a little too bold about sampling the produce - heck, we saw three rabbits when went out to the garden for the class, and a few squash someone had dragged off, eaten a hole in, and left. Anyway, lots to do, and all interesting, and I'm going to be good tonight and do the logbook and read the info on the annuals for the first quiz.

On the non-school side, and rather cool, it seems KnitPicks likes my Pysanky enough to be putting them into the Spring catalog as a kit next year. So look out for your March 2013 catalog, and I should be in there! I suspect that not a lot of designing will get done in the next few months, so I'm very happy some of the previous stuff is reaping new returns.

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  1. Oooh how exciting!!! Congratulations!!!

    We had a rather large rabbit visit at my parents' house last weekend. He hopped into the yard, sat by my nephew's marker for what seemed like an eternity (we got pictures) and then hopped away. Riley had a visitor :)