Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New Yarn Going Up and Cat Antics

About half the yarn from the past week's dyeing is dry now, and I've started to do the re-skeining. That's usually the final step for a few reasons. For one, after having me dipping and rinsing and turning it on the drying rack, most of the skeins are not precisely tidy anymore. Re-skeining at a different length from the original skein, so the colors are more mixed up, I find also gives a notion of how the yarn will look in a project, and what the dominant color/effect will be. And last but not trivial, for the indigo-dyed skeins especially, I get a chance to see whether the color is going to crock (rub off) significantly.

Light's half-decent, so I got a couple skeins of sock yarn photographed this afternoon, and put the first one up on Etsy. The rest will get added gradually over the next few weeks, minus anything that sells this weekend.

This is the Foxglove colorway.

And this is Strawberry Swirl, going up tomorrow.

Longer day of class today, including 1.5 hours on study habits and student pillow top is coming along nicely. Ginger provided an extremely apt illustration by wandering into the classroom and along the tops of the desks looking for pets (and getting them) while the teacher was talking about managing distractions during studying. Who says cats don't understand English?

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